Why machine learning is the way to the future?

Machine learning was coined by Arthur Samuel, a leader in the field of artificial intelligence he did it in the early days of 1959 and it has been 62 years now since all this started. He defined machine learning as –“Field of study that gives computers the capability to learn without being explicitly programmed”.

In 2021 machine learning is most sought-after branch of Artificial Intelligence where its application varies from web search engine, face recognition, spam detector, Database Mining for growth of automation, Applications that cannot be programmed, Understanding Human Learning and many more.

ML allows software to have a brain of its own where the data is processed in real time as it is fed into the software and it process just like the human brain where data is read and learnt to understand it and then giving the output as a prediction or conclusion all this is done without the ML software programmed to give that particular output or that desired prediction i.e., it learns from the past data and trends it has observed and recorded.


  • Traditional Programming: We feed in DATA (Input) + PROGRAM (logic), run it on machine and get output.
  • Machine Learning: We feed in DATA(Input) + Output, run it on machine during training and the machine creates its own program(logic), which can be evaluated while testing.

Benefits of machine learning over traditional programming

  • Machine learning helps predict the customer behaviour based on past data recorded and outputs provided by the software this can help in predicting customer behaviour by looking at their buying patterns and purchase history a well coded ML software can then provide relatable product recommendations this can be easily observed in amazon.
  • Marketing was first confined only to newspapers, magazines, television and radios but now a whole new market is opened up with the boom of the internet and social media marketing has gained more traction for a company than any other means of marketing. Via social media marketing sales can be achieved through the implementation of the recommendation engine and real-time targeted advertising can also be generated on the websites.
  • Many manual works such as data entry where repetitive data needs to be put in has a risk of human error due to task being monotonous hence Predictive modelling and machine learning algorithms can help simplify a company’s documentation process. The formula can be used to automate the data entry process and the human resources can be used for more creative processes which require human skills and resources.
  • ML can help not only find, but also predict fraud in high volume transactions by applying cognitive computing technologies to raw data. In the monetary portfolio, ML can also help in risk management, investment predictions, improve customer service, and deploy digital assistants, loan management, and security measures, among other things.

The above-mentioned benefits don’t justify the whole spectrum of application of Machine learning where it can be the major point of difference providing the core competence advantage between different businesses within the same industry. The main motive of business is to save costs and increase productivity and customer base and ML provides the right set of tools to tick all the required boxes.
That is why at the start of this article we mentioned that “machine learning is the way to the future”