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Senior Data Engineer

(Bluo Software LLC has an opening in Houston, Texas) Senior Data Engineer: Responsible for Azure DevOps Administration – create Repos, Build and Release Pipelines, Task Groups, Variable Groups, Test Plans. Design ETL, ELT & ELTL solutions and loading strategies with Azure Data Factory and Azure Data brick notebooks using SparkSQL and Python; document all best practices. Develop and improve the current BI architecture, emphasizing data security, data quality and timeliness, scalability, and extensibility. Develop ADF pipelines and database objects to import data from different sources (available in ADLS) into Azure Data Warehouse. Create database objects (Staging Tables, RAW tables, Curated tables, Views, Stored procedures in Azure Data Warehouse). Design and setup standards in Azure Data Warehouse (Synapse), this includes table designs, E(Extract) T (Transform) L(Load) Schemas. Collaborate with business analysts, data scientists, product managers, software development engineers, and other BI teams to develop, implement, and validate KPIs, statistical analyses, data profiling, prediction, forecasting, clustering, and machine learning algorithms. Design Role based database security for Schemas in Azure DataWarehouse and Create generic procedures to support dynamic data loading into Azure Synapse. Perform code migration between different Environments using Azure DevOps process by creating Build & Publish, Release pipelines and creating releases and document code migration process end to end to ease deployment processes for Data engineers. Create views for Data Analysis/Reporting using PowerBI/Tableau Dashboards. Will work in unanticipated locations. Requires Bachelors in Computer Science, Engineering, or related and 5 years progressive experience. Send resume to